Sage Kimzey Signs With American Hat Company

American Hat Company signs 6x World Champion Bull Rider, Sage Kimzey
Photos courtesy of Click Thompson Photography

Texas: American Hat Company, makers of the finest cowboy hat in the world, have brought on Sage Kimzey to represent their iconic brand. The 6x bull riding champion has shattered record after record in just the beginning of what is sure to be a long and illustrious career. 

American Hat Company President, Keith Mundee, has had his eye on Kimzey for a while now and the deal was sealed just in time for the hat company’s annual photoshoot. “I am super excited to have Sage Kimzey on the American Hat Company brand ambassador program. Not only does Sage dominate in the arena, but he’s a quality human being and that to me is more important. Sage Kimzey is a champion in the arena, outside the arena, and at life itself. Those are the types of people we want to represent our brand and to help build our legacy.”

When asked about partnering with the iconic brand, Kimzey said, “I am so excited to partner with American Hat Company. In my mind, our brands align perfectly. When I think of American Hat Company, the first thing that comes to mind is quality. American makes some of the finest cowboy hats in the world and really pays attention to detail, and as a cowboy that wears a hat all the time, I really appreciate that.”

When you bring together a champion athlete and an iconic company and the only thing both parties can talk about is the quality of the other, that is a very telling thing. This young cowboy has already accomplished so much in just the beginning stages of a legendary career. American is proud to have him wearing the finest hat in the world as he continues to make history as well as set an example for the next generation.

Videography courtesy of Salty Roan