Creases and brims:
Hat shapes vary from location, lifestyle, and personal preference. We still shape hats by hand in order to meet your custom desires, but also have a few precreased styles if you prefer. American Hat Company’s proprietary petroleum lacquer formula allows the straw hats to be steamed and shaped without hurting the hat and still providing the same level of quality and durability that we are known for. We use Standard International sizing which is measured by dividing the circumference of the customer’s head in inches by Pi.

Colors: Our felt colors are represented below. Along with being a handmade product, the X quality of the hat will have an affect on the color and can cause one hat to be slightly different than the next. Please see individual qualities for color availability.

The cowboy hat is the most iconic symbol of the western way of life in the world and only one hat can live up to the standard of style, quality, and durability required by such a beloved symbol. American Hats are made by hand in Bowie, Texas and have been the ultimate standard since 1915. 

Much like the men and women that wear them, the cowboy hat is expected to hold up during the toughest of weather conditions: the hottest of summers, the harshest of winters, and the heaviest of rains.

At the same time, that beloved hat is also expected to be with you on your best days. The American Hat has been present as proud fathers have walked their daughters down the aisle. It was there when grandfathers held their grandchildren for the very first time. It has been passed down from generation to generation as a sentimental family keepsake. And it has symbolically hung in silence as their former wearer was respectfully laid to rest. 

Tradition and values have run deep in our blood and the fibers of our hats for over one hundred years and will continue to do so. Each one is handmade with expert craftsmanship on American soil with the finest materials available. The finishing touch is the love of God, country, and the cowboy life. Each hat proudly displays the American name and our Stars and Stripes so everyone that sees you knows the choice you have made. 

You have made a choice to represent values, to carry on the tradition, and to uphold the legacy of the great iconic American Cowboy.  

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