Positive Times ➕✖️ by Keith Maddox

It’s #NationalDayOfTheCowboy and you have all had one very important question for us over the last few months…what does ➕✖️ mean? Our favorite cowboy, the #HatKing, and the man that was a true embodiment of the Great American Cowboy coined something that has become a motto and way of living for us. The Plus and X started out as the cattle brand for the late Keith Maddox and it means Positive Times. ➕✖️ is us choosing to only focus on the good and the positive. ➕✖️ is us being insistent on pushing through bad times to get to the good. ➕✖️ is us upholding the legacy of the iconic Great American Cowboy and choosing to #LiveLikeKeith. He always had a smile on his face, a twinkle in his eye, and would say, “It ain’t nothin’ but a thing,” when dealing with strife.

We couldn’t think of a better day to unveil a very special part of The Hat King’s legacy. Happy #NationalDayOfTheCowboy and may you all have #PositiveTimes! ➕✖️

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