Individual Sponsorships & Brand Ambassador Inquiry

Are you interested in becoming an American Hat Company Brand Ambassador? Please read ALL of the following before completing the application. Applications are sorted through every couple of months and we will contact you if we are able to sponsor you and offer a brand ambassadorship.

All of these fields may or may not apply to you. If you are not a youth rodeo athlete, there will be other spaces for you to fill out your talents.

By filling out and submitting this application, you are agreeing to do all of the following if chosen to be an American Hat Company Brand Ambassador:

If chosen, you are expected to display exceptional character and integrity at all times.Some of you do timed events or rough stock or shooters. We also have Ambassadors that are not in the rodeo world. Some of them are just amazing people that give back to the world more than they take. We hope that description fits you also. If it doesn’t…we hope you are working on that daily. It is an important factor in this agreement. We challenge you to excel in everything you do. That also includes your scholastics. We expect you to be a good student. Your parents deserve that.

Below are some bullet points describing things we hope to see from you.
Listed Terms Including But Not Limited To:

  1. Social Media is a place for us to keep up with you. Your participation and interaction with us is important. This is only one place we will be watching you. Most of you see us at many events throughout the year. Please come talk to us. We want to hear your story.
  2. We do not want you to be a hat salesman for us. We want to see your daily lifestyle. Certainly, we hope that includes an American Hat with stickers or patches!
  3. Post pictures of you at your events (patched up), your home, your barn, your family vacation, etc.
  4. We do want to hear about your accomplishments in your events. After all, that’s how we met.
  5. We look at all social media avenues. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, others. Please tag us on the posts that are relative. Some social platforms allow you to tag the caption, or the photo, or both. Please tag both if you are able and always use #americanhatcompany and #americanhatco.
  6. Whenever you run across a video done by American Hat Company on Facebook, please share it.

If selected as a brand ambassador, your participation in the above bullet points will determine our participation as to product offered to you. If you need additional patches please let us know.
Work hard. Surround yourself with great people. Make good choices.

Individual Sponsorships & Brand Ambassador Inquiry Form

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