Back In Action!

Excited to be back to work!
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First day back to the factory and we are excited to be here!🇺🇸 Our president, factory manager, and national sales manager spent the last few weeks during the mandatory shutdown cleaning our building, moving around and spacing out the factory floor, cleaning and servicing the equipment, and doing basically anything we can’t do while we are at full production! We have been BUSY with orders the last several years and haven’t been able to slow down, what a great thing that has been! We have treated this as a blessing in disguise and have used the time to clean, rework, and reconfigure. We are still being cautious with masks and gloves at this time, but we are just happy that we are able to get our employees back to work. We were able to continue to pay everyone and cannot thank the Good Lord enough for giving us that ability. This, too, shall pass and there will be #PositiveTimes ahead!➕✖️