Amberley Snyder Signs With American Hat Company

American Hat Company signs barrel racer, social influencer, motivational speaker, actor and writer, Amberley Snyder

Texas: To further expand their elite roster of female powerhouses, American Hat Company, makers of the finest cowboy hat in the world, is welcoming one of the most sought-after social influencers and motivational speakers in western sports, Amberley Snyder. Snyder changed the game by proving anything is possible if you have the grit and the heart. After her tragic accident in 2010, she was told she was never going to walk again. After just four short months, she was back on a horse. Her top priority was to ride her horses again. In 2015 she won a fan exemption to compete in The American Rodeo, where she received a standing ovation from the crowd. She then became an actress and a writer with her book and Netflix movie “Walk, Ride, Rodeo”. Snyder is now working as a motivational speaker and posts a weekly “Wheelchair Wednesday” video on social media to show everyday tasks that have become a little more challenging. 

Keith Mundee, president of the company said, “I have been impressed with Amberley Snyder as a horsewoman, a respectful young lady, and just an overall good human for a long time. She is exactly the type of upstanding woman that we are proud to have in our family. We are all about Positive Times and if Amberley isn’t the prime example of that, I don’t know what is.”

When asked about partnering with the iconic brand, Snyder said, “I am truly honored to represent a company that has continued to support every aspect of the western way of life. It doesn’t matter if you are the world champ or the aspiring youngin’, you can find loyal and trustworthy qualities in every American Hat made. I know what my cowboy hat means to me and I am proud to share with the world both in and out of the arena, what it means to be a cowgirl. I am thankful and excited to join the American Hat Company family.” 

Amberley then went on to explain why American Hat Company is the best fit for her: “A cowboy hat has always held a special place in my heart. At one point, it was something I thought I had lost the opportunity to wear when the rollover truck accident paralyzed me. I didn’t know if I could still be the cowgirl I wanted to be. American Hat Company is no stranger to their own challenges, struggles and triumphs as well. It only makes sense to wear the hat that is American made and stands true to the values of hard work, determination and loyalty for every cowboy or cowgirl in the western industry.”