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Our single-minded goal here at American Hat is to build the very finest Cowboy Hats in the World!

We have had our share of setbacks and hurdles along the way, but here we are at our 100th Year Anniversary! We want to express our sincerest “Thank You” to you our customers for partnering with us in our success story.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with Cowboy Hats that you can be proud to sell your customers. They’re made in America. They continue to carry forward the history and tradition of the great iconic American Cowboy!

“Proud to be an American.”

“Proud to wear an American Hat.”

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Felt Hats

All of our felt cowboy hats are made from the highest quality beaver, mink, and rabbit fur available. They are carefully hand-crafted by expert artisans, and then hand-shaped to the customers' specifications.

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Straw Hats

Our straw cowboy hats are hand made with top quality material. They're coated with a polyurethane based lacquer that is waterproof and won’t flake off. You will be able to enjoy your straw hat for many years.

History of American Hat Company

Houston Texas in 1915 was a thriving city of 45,000 with eight-story “skyscrapers”. The first ships were journeying up the newly finished ship canal to the Port of Houston.

It was then in 1915 that Sam Silver founded the American Hat Company and began to make and sell cowboy hats. Since that time, Houston has grown, and so has American Hat. Three generations of the Silver family continued to carry on the tradition of founder Sam Silver. Then in 1984, Bill and Billie George owned the company until 2003 when current owners Keith and Susan Maddox purchased American Hat. They moved the company to Bowie, Texas where it now resides.

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cowboys wear american hat

American Hat Company is known throughout the world as the hat preferred by rodeo champions, ranchers, and Texas lawmen. American Hats were worn by the likes of Freckles Brown, Jim Shoulders and Lane Frost to name just a few.

American Hat has always been an innovator in styling, manufacturing, and finishing. Prior to the 1950’s, straw hats could not be worn in the rain without being ruined. That’s when American Hat developed a special water-resistant finish.

American Hat is also credited with developing the “open crown” concept. Cowboy hats shipped with an “open crown” could be shaped to fit the customer's wishes. To this day American Hat traditional dealers order their cowboy hats in an “open crown” with a “flat brim”, and then shape the hats to fit their customers. When a specific shape is requested, American Hat Company has professional hat shapers who shape each hat by hand at no extra charge.

It’s this heritage of quality and innovation that has made American Hat the choice of rodeo champions and ranchers since 1915.

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