Hat Shaping School is available to all stores that carry American Hat Company hats. If you’re interested in offering the best to your customers such as professional, expert hat shaping AND knowledge on all things American Hat, send your team to:

If you will pay for travel to and from Bowie, Texas, we will take care of the hotel, provide them practice hats, and have one of our expert shapers show your team all the tips and tricks of shaping hats by hand. Over the course of two days, they will learn how to take a hat that is open and flat and shape it to the specifications of a customer’s personal preference.

They will even bring home an authentic American Hat Shapers certificate that you can proudly hang in your hat department! Call us at 1-800-392-4197 to set up an appointment for your sales associates to come to American Hat Company’s Hat Shaping School! 

Earn your Official Certified Hat Shaper Certification today!